The Best Things to Do with Kids in New Haven, CT

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You won’t be disappointed if you have children and find yourself looking for things to do with kids in New Haven. New Haven is a fun town with many family-friendly activities to enjoy. 

When people think of New Haven, they often think of Yale and may not realize that it is also a family-friendly town, but it is. Whether you’re looking for a museum, outdoor fun, or good food, New Haven has it.

New Haven CT Kids' Activities

Fun New Haven Kids’ Activities

New Haven Pizza

Yes, we consider experiencing New Haven pizza an activity that you won’t want to miss while visiting New Haven. The pizza here is legendary, and the city is home to three of the best pizza places in the country. 

If you are in the East Rock part of the city, stop into Modern Apizza for one of its delicious pies. If you are downtown, take a trip to Wooster Square and stop in for a pie at Frank Pepe, which is often said to be one of, if not the best pizza in the United States. 

Be aware that you will have to wait in line at either of these places, but your patience will be rewarded. Both are worth the wait. 

Escape New Haven

Solve the puzzles to get out of this escape room adventure. With games either indoors or outdoors, Escape New Haven is a great choice no matter the season or the weather.

Address: 103 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT.

Leitner Observatory and Planetarium 

See the stars at the planetarium. Belonging to the Yale School of Astronomy, the Leitner Planetarium is open to the public for shows on Tuesday nights, weather permitting. 

Address: 355 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT.

Marsh Botanical Garden

Established in 1899, this historic space has a lot of beauty to discover.

Walk through the green space and admire all of the flowers and plants that grow at Marsh Botanical Garden, or go inside the greenhouse, where you will find carnivorous plants, cacti, and a collection of orchids. 

Address: 265 Mansfield Street, New Haven, CT.

Photo Credit: Karl Thomas Moore

It Adventure Ropes Course

I bet you don’t think of indoor fun for the kids when you think of furniture stores. This time, you will be happily surprised! Inside Jordan’s Furniture is an amazing indoor ropes course that will blow your kids away.

There are courses for young and older kids so the whole family can enjoy climbing, zip-lining, and having a blast. 

Address: 40 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT.

Kid-Friendly New Haven Museums

Yale Peabody Museum

The Peabody Museum of Natural History is small but mighty. There is much to see here to keep kids and adults engaged and learning about our natural history. 

Discover rocks, minerals, insects, birds, mummies, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric animals at The Peabody.

Address: 170 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT.

The Peabody Museum is closed for renovations and will reopen better than ever in 2024.

Photo Credit: Wendy Carlyle

CT Children’s Museum

There is much to see and do at the Children’s Museum. Play instruments, become characters in a book, discover the maze wall, observe bees, and so much more. 

Address: 22 Wall St, New Haven, CT.

Eli Whitney Museum

Technically located just over the town line in Hamden, you can visit the Eli Whitney Museum and learn about the inventor of the cotton gin

While the New England native spent time as a private tutor on a plantation in Georgia, Eli Whitney saw a need to separate cotton seeds from the plant to grow the crop elsewhere. 

Picking them out of the balls of cotton was far too time-consuming to make it profitable, so he invented the cotton gin.

Address: 915 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT.

There are also plenty of outdoor children’s activities in New Haven. Visit one of their beautiful parks and playgrounds, take a hike, walk through Yale’s old campus, take a stroll downtown, or visit Long Wharf Pier on a nice day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the things to do with kids in New Haven. It is a beautiful, historic city, and you will be able to find fun things to do in New Haven no matter the season.

More things to do with kids in Connecticut:

While staying in the city will keep the kids busy and entertained, there are also many things to do with kids in Connecticut, so if you plan to stay for a weekend or longer in this wonderful area, you will have plenty of activities to keep you busy.

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