Expert Tips for Going to a Red Sox Game at Fenway

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Ah, the Boston Red Sox. New Englanders are serious about their sports teams, and Red Sox fans are a rabid bunch. Watching a game on TV is one thing, but there is nothing like seeing a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the history. If only those green walls could talk.

As great as it is to be in the stands, a trip to Fenway does require some planning. The park is in the middle of the city, traffic is always an issue in Boston, and parking can be difficult and expensive.

What you need to know before your first Red Sox game at Fenway Park

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Bringing Kids to Fenway

Getting to Fenway Park

I’m not going to lie here, guys. Getting to Fenway can be a bear. Boston traffic isn’t fun on a good day, and game days are much worse. My advice is to give yourself plenty of time to sit in traffic or take the T from a nearby town.

Fenway Park Address

As you get in the cah to drive to the pahk, enter Fenway Park’s address, 4 Jersey St, Boston, MA., into your GPS and go!

Fenway Park Gates

There are six entrance gates to Fenway Park.

  • Gate A: Corner of Jersey Street and Brookline Avenue
  • Gate B: Corner of Van Ness Street and Ipswich Street
  • Gate C: Lansdowne Street
  • Gate D: Corner of Jersey Street and Van Ness Street
  • Gate E: Lansdowne Street near Brookline Avenue
  • Gate K: This is the entrance to the Kids Concourse, located next to Gate B on the corner of Van Ness Street and Ipswich Street

The closer you can get to your gate, the better. But really, park wherever it’s convenient. Parking is at a premium, and Fenway is small, so you can find your seat without a problem, regardless of which gate you enter through.

Fenway Park Gates

Parking at Fenway

If you can, consider taking the T into the city. Parking is expensive, and most lots require cash, so bring plenty.

How Much Is Parking Near Fenway?

Parking is expensive near Fenway. Depending on when you arrive or how close you want (or need) to park, you will likely pay between $40 and $60 to park in a lot or garage.

Gas stations, hotels, and other businesses also sell parking spots for the game, and their prices depend on how close to the park the lot is. My best advice is to arrive as early as possible, be prepared, and carry enough cash.

The cheaper lots fill up fast and require that you get to the park super early. The cheaper lots are usually not very close to the park, so wear comfortable walking shoes.

Where to Park Near Fenway

The lots and garages below are located right next to or within a block of Fenway Park. These aren’t the only lots in the area, but they are some good choices we’ve used.

Remember that parking this close to the park will cost approximately $60, and some lots may only take cash. There are less expensive lots located further away, and also keep an eye out for business and gas station parking lots offering Red Sox parking.

  1. Priority Parking – 819 Beacon St, at the corner of David Ortiz Dr. and Maitland St. This lot is two and a half blocks from the Jersey Street entrance of Fenway Park. The Lansdowne T station is also located here on David Ortiz Dr.
  2. Van Ness Garage – 1325 Boylston St. The Van Ness parking garage is located on the block of Van Ness St, Richard B. Ross Way, and Boylston St. It is conveniently located a quick block away from Fenway.
  3. 55 Jersey Street – This small lot is located on the corner of Jersey St., and Van Ness St. Since this is a small lot, it could fill up fast, so plan to arrive when the Fenway gates open 90 minutes before the game.
  4. 51 Van Ness St. Parking – A small lot located across the street from the Jersey St. lot and next to the Jersey Street (Gate D) entrance to Fenway Park.
  5. Lansdowne Garage – 47 Lansdowne St. Located directly behind the Green Monster side of Fenway and just down the street from The House of Blues.
  6. 49 Lansdowne St. – This lot of located next to the Lansdowne Garage and near the famed Cask n’ Flagon.

The Best Places to Park Near Fenway Park

Use this Fenway parking guide to determine the best places to park near Fenway for the direction you will be arriving from.

To avoid driving around in circles, you can also compare prices and buy a parking pass beforehand. Buy your pass early because spots will sell out before game day.

There are also options for grabbing something to eat before the Red Sox game near these parking options. Nearby restaurants include Wahlburgers, the Yard House, and Cask n’ Flagon, to name a few.

Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park outfield

Tips for Going to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

How Early Can You Get into Fenway Park Before a Game?

The gates open 90 minutes before the game. Plan to get there early because there is a lot to see and do. Grab a bite to eat, buy some souvenirs, and listen to a brass band play.

There is also plenty of entertainment for the kids. Play catch, get their picture taken with Big League Brian, the stilt walker, get their face painted, visit the balloon artist, and watch the juggler. If you are there on the weekend, look for the caricature artist for a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

If you’re a Red Sox Nation member, show your valid ticket to the day’s game to watch batting practice from the Green Monster 20 minutes before the gates open.

Where is the Best Place to Sit at Fenway Park?

The best place to sit is subjective. If you use this interactive Fenway Park seating chart, you can click on a section, which will pull up the approximate view of the field that you will have from that section.

We all have our personal preferences, but when purchasing tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, we prefer not to sit in the Grandstand area under the pavilion. These seats are under the overhang and can be hot and behind the poles.

Because of this, you can end up paying good money for an obstructed view of the game.

Obstructed view seats at Fenway Park

Obstructed View Seats at Fenway

When a ticket is marked as obstructed view, don’t assume that you might have to look around an awkward corner of the park. No. Tickets marked as obstructed view likely mean you will have a large pole blocking your view of the game.

Even if a ticket isn’t labeled as obstructed view, you could still have a pole somewhere in the area that will block something within your sight.

A word of caution is to avoid buying a ticket in the Grandstand section, period. We’ll happily take a bleacher seat over a Grandstand seat any day of the week.

This was our view from the bleachers. Not bad.

Fenway Park dugout from bleacher seats

Fenway Park Bag Policy

The Fenway Park bag policy was updated in 2023.

Fenway is allowing larger bags again, but they must be a single compartment and no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 6″. Backpacks (including clear backpacks) or backpack-style purses, duffel bags, and other multi-compartment bags aren’t allowed inside the park.

The bag policy at Fenway doesn’t apply to essential medical bags and equipment or diaper bags. If you are bringing a baby to the game, diaper bags are allowed as long they can fit under your seat.

Hard-sided coolers are not allowed in the park, regardless of their size.

All bags are subject to search at the entrance gates, so be sure you do not have any items in your bag that aren’t allowed in Fenway Park.

Find out more about Fenway Park’s rules and policies: Complete Guide of Fenway Park Rules You Need to Know

What is Not Allowed in Fenway Park?

  • Weapons, including knives, guns, etc.
  • Utility tools (even if they’re on a keychain)
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Glass containers, bottles, cans, or metal water bottles
  • Pepper spray or mace
  • Laser pointers or any other item that could interfere with the game
  • Alcohol and drugs, including marijuana
  • Cigarettes, vape pens, etc. (Fenway is a non-smoking venue)
  • Costumes and masks
  • Noisemakers
  • Offensive clothing items. If you wouldn’t wear it to visit grandma, don’t wear it to the game.
  • Professional camera and video equipment, including tripods and monopods.

What Can You Bring Inside Fenway Park?

  • One sealed plastic water bottle, 16 oz or smaller
  • Strollers that you can fold and store under your seat
  • Umbrellas, but they can only be used during rain delays
  • Signs that do not obstruct the view of others and are free of offensive language and themes.
  • Baby carriers
  • Blankets
What you need to know before going to your first Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Tips on what to bring, food, parking, and more.

Show Your Red Sox Pride!

The Boston Red Sox have fantastic merch. Their team store on Jersey Street is huge and offers anything you might want, whether it’s a hat, stuffed Wally, keychain, drink cozy, player jersey, or anything in between.

There are also smaller team stores located inside the park, which comes in handy if you need a blanket or sweatshirt during the game. Been there!

47 Brand also has a great selection of Red Sox gear to purchase before the game, and it’s the same brand they sell inside the park.

What is the Best Thing to Eat at Fenway Park?

Fenway Park Food

Ballpark food has stepped up its game over the years. There are so many food choices at Fenway, and everything we’ve ever had has been good.

When we visit Fenway, we usually go simple and get burgers and fries. We also enjoy Sal’s and Regina pizza. Other food options at Fenway include fried dough, chicken tenders, chowder, Italian sausage, snacks, sweets, and more.

Of course, a game at Fenway Park isn’t complete without trying the iconic Fenway Frank.

Whether you want a hot dog or sushi, the chances are that you can get it at Fenway Park. I could easily devote a whole post entirely to their food options, and I probably will, at some point, but for now, check out Ballpark Guides’ complete Fenway Park menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring a Backpack Inside Fenway Park?

As of 2023, backpacks are not allowed inside the park. This includes backpack-style purses and clear backpacks.

Does Fenway Have a Clear Bag Policy?

No. You can bring a regular bag to the park if it fits the size guidelines. All bags will be checked at the gate by security personnel.

Can I Bring a Blanket Inside Fenway Park?

Yes. A small blanket is allowed inside the park or sold in the Red Sox team store.

Can I Bring a Water Bottle Inside Fenway Park?

Yes. You may bring sealed plastic water bottles 16 oz or smaller inside the park. Glass containers are not allowed.

Can You Bring Snacks Inside Fenway Park?

Outside food is not allowed inside the park. Your bag will be checked at the gate, so if you attempt to bring snacks into the park, do so at your own risk.

Are Umbrellas Allowed in Fenway Park?

Yes, but they can only be used during official rain delays.

Are There Lockers at Fenway Park?

No. There aren’t any lockers at Fenway, so be mindful of what you bring inside the park since you will have to keep it in your seat.

If you arrive with a bag or item that isn’t allowed inside the park, you can store that item in a locker provided by a third-party locker company for a fee. The locker truck is at the top of the Landsdowne Garage, across from Gate E.

Is Luggage Storage Available at Fenway Park?

No, luggage storage isn’t available inside Fenway, but services are located near Fenway that offer luggage storage.

Can You Buy Red Sox Tickets at the Gate?

Red Sox tickets for a game at Fenway Park tend to sell out pretty quickly. Because of this, I find that the easiest way to purchase tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park is online.

You can print tickets at home or send them to the MLB Ballpark app, which is my method of choice. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your tickets because, let’s be honest, you probably won’t forget to bring your phone. Just scan each ticket into the scanner at the gate and enjoy the game!

Do You Need to be Vaccinated to Go to a Red Sox Game?

Fenway Park is once again opened up to full capacity for all games. Fenway Park follows the Boston city rules regarding the requirement of the COVID-19 vaccine in all indoor spaces, which includes attending a baseball game at Fenway.

Guests no longer need to wear a mask while attending a game at Fenway Park, but it is encouraged for unvaccinated or immunocompromised guests to continue to wear a mask.

As of March 5, 2022, guests are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend a game. Because things can change, check the Red Sox website health and safety section for current health and vaccine policies.

Fenway Guided Tours

For a more intimate Fenway experience, you can go on a 60-minute guided tour of this legendary and beloved ballpark. Your expert tour guide will tell you about the park’s history, the players, and the view from the top of the Green Monster.

On game days, the last tour begins four hours before the start of the game, and on non-game days, the last tour begins at 5:00 pm.

Get your tickets today for this one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a fun experience for families or a great gift for any baseball fan.

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  1. Do you sell ponchos or some kind of rain gear at the gate for the concerts?

    1. I am not affiliated with Fenway or the Red Sox so you will have to check their website to see. I know they sell ponchos for games, but I don’t know if the same is true for concerts.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Seat cushions aren’t on either the allowed or prohibited lists so I can’t answer definitively if they would be allowed. In most cases items that fit under your seat (or on, in this case) like diaper bags and umbrella strollers are allowed, but they’ve limited the size of bags allowed in the park this season so I’m not sure if they will be picky about a cushion.

      So, to make a long story short, if I were you I would bring it with the thinking that you might have to bring it back to your car or pay a vendor to hold it for you. (My husband forgot to take his multi-tool off his keychain once and a vendor just outside the gate was happy to hold it for a few bucks).

    1. It really depends on the lot. There isn’t a designated parking lot for Fenway, but there are a lot of private lots in hotel and service station parking lots nearby that have their own hours but will be open a few hours before the game. Most garages in the area are 24 hours or open really early in the morning as they are full-time garages.

  2. Hi. I have two questions. 1.How early I have to arrive in a bobblehead night to catch one?
    2. If I can’t bring a bag in to the stadium, then I can’t buy anything at the Jersey st store?

    1. We will be at tomorrow’s game as well and from our email about the bobbleheads it says you can pick them up when gates open at 5:40 inside the Team Store on Jersey St. until the end of the 4th inning. We went to the Star Wars Night game a couple of years ago and they had plenty of the bobbles available when we got ours.

      As far as merchandise, I would assume that they make exceptions for bags from the team store, BUT if you don’t feel comfortable chancing it, the team store is open for 30 minutes after the last out.

  3. Are Sunday afternoon games generally well attended compared with other games at Fenway? Wondering if we should wait to buy tickets, or purchase online now.

    1. I wouldn’t wait too long. Even if there are tickets available closer to game day, you’ll have much better options the sooner you buy them.

      Fenway is always crowded and weekends, especially day games, are especially popular.

  4. Which 11th near by city is best if coming from the Cape and what is parking like there?How much would parking cost? Ie in NEWTON?