The Best Things To Do in Fairfield County CT with Kids

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Fairfield County, CT has plenty of fun and amazing places to visit with your children. There are a lot of activities that are perfect for family fun it will be hard to choose just one. We hope you find a lot of family activities as we share the best things to do in Fairfield County, CT with kids.

Enjoy all of the kid-friendly things that Connecticut has to offer, starting with Fairfield County and maybe eventually working your way toward eastern Connecticut and the Mystic area.

Kid=friendly things to do in Fairfield County CT

Located close to New York, Fairfield County is also a great place for New Yorkers looking for some fun and relaxation outside of the city.

Though why stop there? There are many things to do in Connecticut with kids, but these are our favorite things to do in Southwestern CT.

Fun in Fairfield County CT with Kids

Connecticut Audubon Society Birdcraft Museum (Fairfield)

Did you know that the Birdcraft Museum is home to North America’s largest collection of bird wings?

At the Connecticut Audubon Society, things are always interesting. They offer a variety of educational programs for children and families, including guided tours and interactive exhibits.

Not only will everyone learn about birds, but they will also get some exercise.

Roy and Margot Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary (Fairfield)

The Roy and Margot Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds the CT Audubon Society and is home to over 700 species of animals. Kids will love seeing zebras, llamas, emus, deer, and much more.

This wildlife sanctuary also offers periodic free events on weekends which are always family-friendly, so keep an eye out on their calendar.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center (Stamford)

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center is a great place to spend some time! You’ll be able to see things like dinosaurs, animals from around the world (and here in Connecticut), natural history exhibits, and more.

They offer programs for children as well, which are also perfect for families- things to do in Fairfield County, CT, with kids.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children (Norwalk)

This wonderful children’s museum has something for everyone and is perfect if you want to spend some time indoors. Kids can play with puppets, paint, and explore interactive exhibits that are all about things we experience in everyday life.


The Greenwich Audubon Nature Center (Greenwich)

Kids will love spending an afternoon at The Audubon Nature Center playing outdoors on the giant wooded nature trails. There’s always something fun going on in their brand new building- from arts and crafts to games.

The Audubon Center also offers great bird-watching opportunities, so be sure to bring binoculars.

Fairfield Museum and History Center (Fairfield)

Fairfield Museum and History Center is home to over 20 acres filled with Civil War memorabilia and general history exhibits and events.

Take your family on a journey through time at this fantastic destination.

Beardsley Zoo (Bridgeport)

The Beardsley Zoo is a family favorite and the perfect place to spend some time in Fairfield County. There is something for everyone at this zoo.

Visit tigers, otters, farm animals, and everything in between. Kids will also love to take a ride on the carousel and interact with the peacocks that walk the grounds.

Discovery Museum and Planetarium (Bridgeport)

Discovery Museum and Planetarium is a great destination if you’re looking for things to do in Fairfield County, CT, with kids. They will be entertained by the many interactive exhibits and will learn about space, art, physics, energy, and more.

Don’t forget to check out one of the amazing planetarium shows.

What to do in Fairfield County CT with kids

Maritime Aquarium (Norwalk)

The Maritime Aquarium is an awesome destination for families in Fairfield County. There are animals, exhibits, and much more at this aquarium!

If you’re looking to have a fun day with the kids, the Maritime Aquarium is a perfect destination.

The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum (Bridgeport)

For some outdoor adventure, visit The Adventure Park, which is located at the Discovery Museum! Older kids will have a blast on the zip line, rope course, and more.

P.T. Barnum Museum (Bridgeport)

P.T Barnum is the mastermind behind the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, which ran for 146 years.

While the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus has fallen out of favor and is no longer operating, the P.T. Barnum Museum is an interesting home to artifacts and curiosities.

RPM Speedway (Stamford)

Have a blast driving go-karts (for kids 4′ tall and aged 6+), playing arcade games, virtual reality (VR) battles, bowling, and more.

The RPM Speedway is a one-stop destination that will keep the kids entertained all day. It’s also the perfect location for birthday parties.

Bridgeport Museum and Historical Society (Bridgeport)

The Bridgeport Museum and Historical Society has many interesting exhibits about our history, including items found at nearby colonial sites and items related to Native Americans in Connecticut.

You can see clothing, kitchen utensils, and more. Also, be sure to see the “Roaring 20s” exhibit that features items from a time gone by.

Rock Climb Fairfield (Fairfield)

Rock Climb Fairfield offers the chance to challenge yourself while having some good old-fashioned family fun. Get the family active and enjoy the fun of rock climbing. They also offer lessons.

Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl (Bridgeport)

Kids and adults will have a blast bowling “under the sea” at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl. With sea-themed lanes and decor, this is sure to be a place you will want to return to over and over again.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in Connecticut or are just visiting, we hope that you now have some ideas of what to do in Fairfield County when you are with kids.

Are you looking for more great adventures? Check out more things to do in New England with kids.

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